What is the difference?

What is the difference between a coffin and a casket?

In short, a coffin is typically smaller and tapers in at the end. It also has some slight curves. Caskets, on the other hand, are rectangular in shape and usually evenly set throughout.

There are some options available in regards to style that may assist in the decision making process;

  • The overall shape of the coffin or casket
  • The type of wood preferred
  • The interior fitting, including the texture and colour
  • The outside appearance, such as a dome, a flat top, a dark shade, etc
  • The finish on the exterior, including satin or matte

Typically, one style is chosen over the other based on stylistic preferences and the aesthetic interests of the loved one.

St. Thomas Casket

Grecian Urn

Premier Casket

Richmond Rosewood

Lancaster Teak

Lancaster Rosewood

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Denman Solid Red Cedar