What are Prepaid Funerals?

You have many options available when planning for the future. Prepaid funerals work on a few levels.

Firstly, you and your family should not be concerned about costs when it comes to organising a funeral. The funeral service will be arranged as you wish, without any concerns regarding increasing costs, additional features, and other factors that may distract from the most important element of the service – your loved one’s honour.

Prepaid funerals at Personal Farewells work as follows. The arrangement is handled upfront financially, and monies are safely managed by Funeral Plan Management which is part of the Australian Unity Group. This allows you and your family to process the service and say farewell without the intricate aspects of money getting involved.

Prepaid funerals allow you to make specific selections such as location, preferred clergy or celebrant, music and floral arrangements or alternatively choose a package, without the undue stress of finances.

Prepaid Funerals also alleviates any worry over pension changes, assistance, and other benefits as the cost remains fixed. In other words, you pinpoint the type of funeral you want for your loved one and the benefits you can receive through that, without that future financial strain.

You pay ahead. You settle the details. You then focus all your attention on a rewarding and honourable funeral service.

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