We understand

Personal Farewells – Funeral Services are proudly Australian owned and operated by Funeral Directors in Sydney who specialise in offering personalised funerals to honour the life of your loved one. We offer unique care and service in tailoring funeral arrangements that are meaningful, dignified and personal.

Our funeral services are specifically designed to uphold the individuality and uniqueness of your loved one in a memorial service that respects their personality.

As funeral directors we understand this is an emotional time, and we promise to take the utmost care in providing the funeral service or memorial because we can empathise with the emptiness that follows when a death occurs in the family.

Having personally experienced loss and grief, our funeral directors do understand the importance of a dignified and meaningful farewell with a personal touch.

We understand the grief and sadness.

We understand the feeling of emptiness.

We understand the overwhelming emotions.

We understand you want someone to understand you.

We understand.